Monday, July 20, 2009

Newman's Own Organics

The Newman's Own brand is known for great taste, quality and a commitment to bettering out world in many ways. Despite being a long time fan, I only recently became aware of Newman's Own Organics which was established in 1993. I'm thrilled to know I have organic an snack food option with such a variety of flavors. The line includes organic pretzels, chocolate, dried fruit, breath mints, cookies and soy crisps.

Let's talk about a few of my favorites. I found the Honey Wheat Mini Pretzels to be addictive. The taste of honey is so subtle and delicious, unlike other snacks that overwhelm you with (artificial) "flavor." The Hint of Mint Newman-O's sandwich cookies- well suffice it to say that I think I liked those a little too much! They're a a great twist to a nostalgic indulgence. Lastly, I have always loved the pairing of chocolate and peanut butter. They nailed it with their Peanut Butter Cups, available in both dark and milk chocolate (I loved dark). I would even venture to say they improved upon existing peanut butter cups.

Discover your new favorite snack. Give Newman's Own Organics a try! Available at Whole Foods stores.

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  1. I love their dark chocolate peanut butter cups too! Their chocolate crisp bars are also way better than Nestle's Crunch.